About CUPE Local 50

CUPE Local 50 represents workers at the City of Victoria (inside and outside), Victoria Police Board, BCSPCA Victoria Branch, Downtown Victoria Business Association, Gorge Vale Golf Club, Royal Oak Burial Park, City of Langford (RCMP Support Services) and the United Way of Greater Victoria.

A strong and democratic union, Local 50 is committed to improving the quality of life for workers in Victoria by providing a strong voice – a collective voice – in their workplace.

Local 50 negotiates wages and working conditions, represents members against arbitrary action by employers, and speaks out without fear of reprisal.

General Meetings

Next Meeting: May 16th 2023 @ 7:30 p.m

There shall be six (6) General Meetings per year to be held on the third Tuesday in the months of January, March,  May, September, October and November. The Executive shall determine the hour and place of such meetings. No meeting shall continue longer than two and one-half hours (2 1/2) in length unless approved by a two-thirds (2/3)-majority vote of the members present. There shall be two draw prizes at all General Meetings, one of $20 and one of $30. Refreshments shall be supplied.

General Membership Meeting Agenda

  1. Roll Call Of Officers
  2. Voting on New Members and Initiations
  3. Presentation and Approval of Last Meeting Minutes
  4. Matters Arising form the Minutes
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Correspondence Report
  7. Executive Committee Recommendations
  8. Reports form Committees and Delegates
    • Grievance Committee
    • Safety Committee
    • Bargaining Committee
  9. Nominations, Elections or Installations
  10. Unfinished Business
  11. New Business (in the form of a motion)
  12. Good of the Union
  13. Adjournment

CUPE Local 50 Sub Locals & Collective Agreements

BCSPCA ( Victoria Branch )

CUPE 50 members are dedicated to protecting and enhancing the quality of life for all animals in British Columbia, to speak for those who can not talk.

City of Langford ( RCMP Support Services )

CUPE 50 represents workers who provide support services to the RCMP in the City of Langford.


Gorge Vale Golf Club

CUPE 50 members at Gorge Vale Golf Club are committed to providing the finest golf facilities.

Royal Oak Burial Park

CUPE 50 members provide maintainance and remembrance services at Royal Oak Burial Park in the Greater Victoria Area.

Victoria Police Board

CUPE 50 members provide civilian support to the Victoria Police Department on behalf of the residents of Esquimalt and Victoria.

United Way of Greater Victoria

Local 50 members at the United Way show their spirit and work to improve lives and build community.

CUPE Local 50 Executive

John Burrows – PW – City

1st Vice President
Kyle McMorran – Parks – City

2nd Vice President
Dan McBeth – PW – City

Carolyn Bradey – Victoria Police Department

Recording Secretary
Matt McKay – PW – City

Members-at-Large (Sub Units)

  • Mairi Britton – BCSPCA (Victoria Branch)
  • Mark Gignac – Gorge Vale Golf Course
  • Shawn Valgardson – Royal Oak Burial Park
  • Katie Burke – United Way
  • Anne Findley – City of Langford (RCMP suppport services)

Members-at-Large (City)
In alphabetical order

  • Zac Fenton – PW – City
  • Cory Walsh – PW – City
  • Lino Lazaro – PW – City
  • Michele Smith – PW – City
  • Tim Tallboy Parks  – City
  • Ryan Rutledge – PW – City


Youth Worker Representative

  • Tristan Crosby – Young worker – Crystal Pool,City of Victoria


  • Chuck Bass – Parks – City
  • Pat Meechan – Parks – City
  • Keven Schumann – PW – City

The History of CUPE Local 50

The story of Local 50 is more than the story of the 55 men who met one evening in 1918 and formed a local of the Civic Employees’ Protection Association. It is the story of those men and the ones who came after – the story of fathers and sons. It is also the story of a fight for women’s rights in the workplace – the story of brothers and sisters. It is a story of working with other organizations and within the community – a story of family.

Read the story

Retirement Info

BC Municipal Pension Plan

When can I retire?

Earliest retirement age for most Municipal employees is 55. Under the Municipal Pension Plan, you may apply for a pension as early as age 55. However, if you retire before age 60 and you do not meet minimum age plus contributory service requirements, your pension will be reduced.

What are reduced and unreduced pensions?

You will receive an unreduced pension if, at the date of your retirement, you are:

  • Age 55 to 59 and your age plus contributory service equals 90
  • Age 60 or older, with two or more years of contributory service
  • Age 65 or older, with fewer than two years of contributory service, providing you are a contributor to age 65 or older.

You will receive a reduced pension if, at the date of your retirement, you are:

  • Age 55 to 59 with two years or more of contributory service, but your age plus contributory service equals less than 90
  • Age 60 to 64 with fewer than two years of contributory service, provided you are a contributor to age 60 or older.

More Info:

Canada Pension Plan

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) retirement pension provides a monthly benefit to eligible Canadians.

You must have worked and made at least one valid contribution (payment) to the CPP to qualify for a CPP retirement pension. The standard age to begin receiving the pension is 65. However, you can take a permanently reduced CPP retirement pension as early as age 60 or take a permanently increased pension after age 65.

When should I take my retirement pension?

Before you decide when to take your retirement pension, you should consider the following:

  • How your age will affect your monthly payment
  • Whether you plan on working while receiving your pension
  • How much and how long you have made contributions to the CPP
  • Your personal savings, investments or company pension plan
  • Your retirement planning and lifestyle you want when you retire
  • Your current health, family health history or any disabilities

More Info:

Old Age Security

The Old Age Security (OAS) pension is a monthly payment available to most people 65 years of age and older who meet the Canadian legal status and residence requirements.

Your employment history is not a factor in determining eligibility: you can receive the OAS pension even if you have never worked or are still working.

Am I eligible?

If you are living in Canada, you must:

  • Be 65 years old or older
  • Be a Canadian citizen or a legal resident at the time we approve your Old Age Security pension application, and have resided in Canada for at least 10 years after turning 18

More Info:

Upon Retirement

( 18.13  Retirement ) The City shall pay to an employee who retires after having reached the minimum retirement age set out in the Municipal Pension Plan of British Columbia a sum of money equal to one calendar month’s basic salary at the rate applicable to the employee at the time of retirement.

  • Any unused vacation or banked overtime will be paid out upon retirement
  • Have the option of continuing life insurance by paying 100% of the premium premium up to age 65
  • Other city benefits (Ex H, Dental, etc) continue for a month following retirement
  • Pension is effective the next month following retirement, cheque from MPP comes at end of the month, ie retiring end of June first pension cheque comes end of July