Brother Flores Report

Dear comrades:

I finally arrived to the little school’s construction site and met with members of the families that will receive the benefits of your solidarity. The location is very remote and located about 8 kms. away from the highway. There is a dirt path leading to the site, used by both, beasts and vehicles, the former always beating the latter in efficiently and endurance. Nevertheless, I still refuse to ride a horse, as I am convinced that such activity will be detrimental to my well-being.

I already done the first cash donation of US$2000, the rest I will be purchasing doors, electrical wire, windows and possibly insulation. I am in the process of gathering best deals for these articles.

I will keep you posted as the project continues.

Please pass my high regards to our members, as they’ll be pleased that their generosity is making a difference to so many children.

 J. Carlos  Flores

British Columbia, Canada