Black History Month

By February 1, 2022 CUPE Local 50, Events

February is Black History Month, it is a time to celebrate and highlight the best of Black History and culture, and to honour the ancestors and upcoming leaders of Black communities, their accomplishments and their continued fight for liberation. It is also a time for all Canadians to reflect and educate ourselves on the history of Black enslavement, discrimination, bigotry and criminalization of people of African descent, and to remember that racism still exists.


At CUPE’s 2021 National Convention, delegates adopted an Anti-Racism Strategy. The strategy identifies concrete actions to challenge systemic racism in our workplaces, the union and our communities. It acknowledges the need for our union and locals to work towards meaningful and attainable change for Black, Indigenous and racialized members, including those with intersecting identities.


Our union is committed to fighting racism and hatred in all its forms, and to empowering our members to speak out and act against discrimination. We encourage members not to be neutral when witnessing racism in any form. Instead, commit to not looking the other way and stand up for what is right. Celebrate Black History Month and keep fighting anti-Black racism in your union, workplaces, schools and communities.