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Dear sisters and brothers, friends and colleagues,

We’ve been thinking about ways that we can be more useful to our union clients and their members during these complicated and challenging times. Based on what we’ve been dealing with lately, we thought we’d let you know what we can do specific to what you may be encountering.

For your union
We’ve had requests from clients across all sectors to review LOUs and other letters of agreement being negotiated with employers relating to temporary layoffs or redeployment during the pandemic. Please contact me or Susanna ( if you want assistance with any aspect of these.

For members:
We are launching an online and video consultation service to provide affordable, flat-rate advice and assistance to individuals on matters not usually dealt with by unions, such as accessing the appropriate government income replacement program, options for renters and homeowners, relief for student loans, taxes and other debts. The service should be operational in the coming days and we’ll provide you additional information that you may want to share with your members or take advantage of as a union.

In the meantime, we continue to provide relevant and timely information on our website and our firm’s facebook page.

Sending you much solidarity and strength during these times.

Carmela Allevato
Allevato Quail & Roy
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