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CUPE Local 50

School Kimeltuwe

Sisters and Brothers: Our Local is making a significant difference in the lives of these children, their parents and their community. I can't tell you how proud and honoured I…
CUPE Local 50

More than a sister, a friend. Always in our heart’s and thoughts Kim. Having a drink to you today, WOOT WOOT!!!

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CUPE Local 50

New Collective Agreement

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The History of CUPE Local 50

The story of Local 50 is more than the story of the 55 men who met one evening in 1918 and formed a local of the Civic Employees’ Protection Association. It is the story of those men and the ones who came after – the story of fathers and sons. It is also the story of a fight for women’s rights in the workplace – the story of brothers and sisters. It is a story of working with other organizations and within the community – a story of family.

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